Narc Behaviours

Narcissist Primary and Secondary Supply

The two types of narcissistic supply explained with examples.

Do Narcissists Feel Guilt, Remorse or Shame?

Find out if narcissists can feel guilt, shame or remorse for their behaviour.

Glossary of Narcissistic Abuse Terms

A – Z glossary of all the narcissistic terms to help understand the personality disorder.

12 Traits of a Narcissist

Find out if you’re dealing with a narcissist with these 12 telltale traits.

Narcissist Checklist

Use the narcissist checklist to confirm whether you’re dealing with a narc or not.

Spiritual Roots of Narcissism

Find out more about narcissism on an energetic level (& what’s really going on).

How Does Someone Become a Narcissist?

No one is born a narcissist. Here’s how they’re created during their younger years.

10 Types of Narcissists

The 4 main types of narcissism + 6 additional types explained.

Covert Narcissist Quiz

Are you dealing with a covert narcissist? Take the quiz to find out!

Female Covert Narcissist

Here’s what’s behind the female covert narcissist’s mask + 12 ways she operates.

Covert Narcissist Traits

Don’t let the covert narcissist’s modest exterior fool you! Here are 8 common traits…

Stages of Narcissistic Abuse + Cycle Chart

The 4 stages of narcissistic abuse explained with a cycle chart.

What Does a Trauma Bond with a Narcissist Look Like?

Here’s what a narcissist trauma bond looks like + the 7 stages.

Am I Being Gaslighted Quiz

Take the quiz to find out if you’re being gaslighted by a manipulator.

Narcissist Gaslighting Checklist

9 discerning signs to tick off the checklist if they’re a gaslighting narcissist.

Narcissist Blame Shifting Examples + How to Deal with it

9 narcissist blame-shifting tactics narcissists use & how to deal with them.

Narcissist Gaslighting Phrases & Examples

Over 100 gaslighting phrases commonly used by narcissists.

Narcissist Hoovering Techniques, Examples & How to Respond

12 common hoovering tactics with examples, plus how you can respond to them.

3 Signs the Narcissist is Preparing to Discard You

3 signs the narcissist is preparing to discard you & how to deal with it.

Narcissist Apology Examples

52 examples of fake narcissistic apologies & what they really mean.

Weird Things Narcissists Say

72 weird things narcissists say to hoodwink, manipulate and control.

Why are Narcissists So Stingy with Money?

10 reasons why narcissists are stingy with money + examples.

How Does a Narcissist Act When They Are Sick?

What to expect when a narcissist gets sick, plus tactics for dealing with them.

How a Narcissist Treats You When You're Sick

Some things a narcissist will do when you’re sick include punishment & invalidation.

Why Do Narcissists Walk Ahead of You?

5 reasons why narcissists will walk ahead of you & avoid holding hands.

When a Narcissist Loses Control

10 reactions to expect when a narcissist loses control.

How Do Narcissists Treat Old Supply?

9 things to expect with how narcissists treat their old supply.

When a Narcissist Sees You Cry

7 reactions to expect when a narcissist sees you crying.

Examples of Narcissist Text Messages

17 types of narcissistic text messages with examples.

Do Narcissists Cry?

10 reasons why narcissists will cry… it always comes down to manipulation.

Why Does a Narcissist Ignore You?

8 reasons why narcissists will ignore you on purpose.

Why do Narcissists Ruin Special Occasions?

12 ways narcissists RUIN special occasions & why they do it.

Narcissists at Christmas

15 things to expect from narcissists at Christmas time.

The Narcissist's Prayer

The Narcissist’s Prayer is the most concise way to explain narcissism.

Letter From a Narcissist's True Self

What a narcissist would say to you from behind the mask if they were honest.

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