Spiritual Roots of Narcissism

Spiritual Roots of Narcissism

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Narcissism feels like such a buzz word these days since it’s only recently been brought to our conscious awareness on such a large scale.

While narcissism has been in existence on this planet for eons, we are living in times where these lower vibrational energies are being called out so that they can be expelled for good.

I have my own theory that the spiritual roots of narcissism are lower entities that have attached themselves to the affected humans at a young age when they were vulnerable through trauma.

Here we talk about how the narcissist came to be, plus the life they have been forced into (or unconsciously chosen) after the psychological split occurred.

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Spiritual Roots of Narcissism

Narcissist Split, Fork in the Road, Rainbow

How the Narcissist Became a Narcissist

During the narcissist’s childhood, they experienced some type of trauma. This could have come in the form of neglect (emotional or physical), or it could have come from excessive pampering, giving them an unhealthily entitled version of themselves.

As a result of the trauma, the narcissist was left with such excruciatingly deep feelings of shame, defectiveness, and unworthiness that they simply could not escape from.

What this ultimately led to was a soul rejection and splitting of the psyche.

The Amputation of Their True Self

The only solution the narcissist could come up with (on an unconscious level) was to disown the part of themselves that was responsible for making them feel all of those awful things. This meant permanently severing the connection with their True Self.

You see, it’s our True Self that gives us access to all of the things that make us authentically human. That means being able to feel the full scope of emotions from love, empathy, kindness and compassion, right through to unworthiness and shame.

By the narcissist cutting off the connection with their True Self, they are now sheltered from their most painful truth – that they are a flawed human being, just like everybody else.

It was their True Self that was causing them to feel self-loathing and disgust, which left them feeling rejected and abandoned. They simply could not acknowledge those aspects of themselves, so they subconsciously allowed their ego to take over and rule the show.

The narcissist unconsciously chose to disown their flaws and live in an inverted fantasy reality instead.

Little did the narcissist realise that by cutting off their True Self, they amputated their access to the divine life force energy, which we are all born with. It’s through this life force energy that we are able to experience true love, happiness, empathy, kindness and compassion.

Without having access to those things, the narcissist has forsaken themselves to a life without a conscience, severing the ability to ever feel any of the positive and authentic human emotions.

It’s important to understand that although narcissists are extremely good at mirroring others in order to ‘act the right way,’ they DO NOT have a conscience. While they may have a small enough amount of empathy to understand how their behaviour can affect others, they simply do not care.

Whenever a narcissist seems to act lovingly, compassionately or kindly, it’s nothing but a manipulation tactic to look good and get what they want.

But, the narcissist did have another option…

Rather than amputating their True Self and self-avoiding on the largest of scales, they could have chosen a path of self-acceptance and healing. This would have allowed them to recognise their deep inner wounds, heal them forever and move into a beautiful, fulfilling and happy life. This option would also have led to massive growth on a soul level.

They gave up the option of accessing true happiness and soul growth in this lifetime.

The Ego is Their New Master


Without their authentic True Self as their guide, the ego was able to have free reign over the narcissist, who willingly allowed it to become their new master.

The ego promised the narcissist that they would never have to feel small or worthless ever again. In fact, the ego promised to ensure that they spend the rest of their lives feeling superior, powerful and flawless… as long as they give the ego what it requires in return.

It’s almost like doing a deal with the devil.

For the ego to remain in control, it needs to make sure that under no circumstances does the narcissist ever glimpse the painful truth that they are in fact not perfect, special or better than anybody else. In order to achieve this, it created a False Self, which is a complete inversion of who the narcissist truly is.

The False Self is the ego’s projection of who the narcissist wants to be, which is superior, perfect and God-like. Since the ego is the master of trickery, it genuinely has the narcissist believing this new fabricated reality as truth.

With this superiority comes entitlement and arrogance, because the narcissist now truly believes that the entire universe does revolve around them. The ego tells them that everybody in the world is merely a tool for them to use for personal gain, which can easily be discarded and replaced once they’re done.

So now the narcissist is walking around living in a complete fantasy reality where they believe themselves to be their False Self.

The Ego Must Be Fed

The problem with the False Self’s reality is that it doesn’t actually exist, it’s merely a figment of the narcissist’s imagination.

However, for the psychological survival of the narcissist, the existence of the false reality is absolutely crucial. If that world were to ever diminish and fall away, they would be left with nothing but their empty black hole inside, which is where their True Self used to live before they banished it.

That would put them right back where they started with the self-loathing and disgust, however, this time there is no option to access their True Self for healing. Their True Self is now beyond resuscitation in this lifetime.

The fading of their false reality is only ever one or two steps behind them, following them around like a deep, dark shadow.

For the ego’s false reality to continue, it needs to be regularly inflated (fed). In other words, the narcissist’s ego relies on constant validation from the outside world that their false reality is in fact ‘real.’

The only way for the narcissist to achieve the regular affirmation that is required is through attention. They are constantly seeking out both good and bad attention, because it all serves to confirm for the ego that, “Yes, you really do exist.”

The Narcissist Becomes a Life Force Addict

What the narcissist is really seeking is life force energy. This goes back to the spiritual roots of narcissism being 100% energetic.

Even after the soul abandonment and inversion of self, the narcissist cannot run away from the fact that they have been left with a black hole inside, which can never be filled, only ever abated.

The only thing that can temporarily satiate the black hole is life force energy, which they severed their access to when they banished their True Self.

So, if they can no longer access life force energy themselves, they’re left with only one choice. They must steal it from others.

There is one major problem with their position. No one in their right mind is going to willingly hand over their life force energy to an empty black hole.

This is where the narcissist’s master, the ego, comes into play. The ego is extremely skilful at manipulation as a means of getting what it needs.

Not only is the narcissist’s False Self an avatar for who the narc believes themselves to be, but it’s also an ever-changing mask that is used to manipulate and extract life force energy from others.

Narcissistic Supply

Narcissistic Supply, Life Force Energy

The life force energy that the narcissist so desperately needs is commonly known as ‘narcissistic supply.’ This is the means by which the narcissist is able to extract energy from others and siphon it into their empty black hole in order to abate their low-vibe feelings for a short while.

They need a constant supply of this energy in order to continuously confirm that their false reality is real, which is the only way to keep it inflated.

Narcissistic supply comes in two types:

  1. PRIMARY Narcissistic Supply – Attention (both positive & negative)
  2. SECONDARY Narcissistic Supply – Appearances (must be positive)

Primary narcissistic supply is when they receive energy via ATTENTION. It doesn’t matter to the narcissist if this attention is positive or negative because all attention confirms to their ego that their fantasy delusion really does exist. Attention works to reinforce their belief in superiority, specialness and perfection.

Any attention = narcissistic supply

Attention can come in the form of validation, flattery, chaos, gossip, drama, arguments and so on. Primary narcissistic supply usually comes from those who are the closest to the narcissist (partners, kids, best friends etc.).

Examples of Primary Narcissistic Supply:

  • Admiration & compliments
  • Arguments & creating drama
  • Playing the victim
  • Fame & Infamy
  • Being in control
  • Sex

Secondary narcissistic supply comes from the image that the narcissist projects out into the world. This form of supply is all about APPEARANCES.

Positive appearances = narcissistic supply

When it comes to secondary narcissistic supply, they can only gain energy from positive appearances. They need to create the illusion of being successful, attractive, wealthy, talented and sought-after. This all serves to confirm their fantasy reality of being perfect and better than everybody else.

On the flip side, being seen as UNsuccessful, UNattractive, NOT wealthy etc. will cause a narcissistic injury because it’s evidence that the narcissist’s reality is not real at all. They simply cannot accept this information and will lash out at anyone who dares to bring it to them in order to exterminate the evidence itself.

Secondary narcissistic supply usually comes from those who are not as close to the narcissist (acquaintances, co-workers and extended family members).

Examples of Secondary Narcissistic Supply:

  • Having the ‘perfect’ partner or family
  • Appearing successful (in all areas of life)
  • Appearing to have financial security
  • Acquiring material items

And if all of the above fail, the narcissist will use FOG (Fear, Obligation & Guilt) to coerce their victims into doing what they want and handing over supply.

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What Happens When They’re Low on Supply?

When a narcissist has lots of supply coming in, they’ll go into narcissistic elation, which is basically a ‘high.’ This is where they can actually be lots of fun to be around. They can be funny, charming and generous when they’re all topped up.

However, when a narcissist is running low on life force energy (supply), they’ll start slipping into narcissistic depletion. This depletion causes their fantasy to begin fading and they will start descending into their inner black hole.

As soon as the narcissist feels this beginning to happen, like a knee-jerk reaction, they will explode outward in a desperate attempt to get their hands on supply.

This is when they’ll do anything they can that will immediately make them feel powerful and superior.

They might start an argument out of nowhere so that they feel powerful, play the victim to gain attention, demand sex, or post photos on social media so that they can feel adored. They might even turn to an addiction (drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, shopping etc.) as a way of trying to fill up the empty void within.

Anything to make them feel better and top them back up.

The Narcissist’s Karma

Narcissist Energy Vampire

Anyone who’s been on the receiving end of a narcissist’s abuse will be left feeling so destroyed that it’s completely reasonable to wonder when or if they will ever get their karma.

For starters, they do get their karma every, single day.

Remember, when the narcissist disowned their True Self, they cut off the opportunity to experience all of what it means to be in a human body. That means that they will never know what it feels like to truly love and be loved, they can never experience the true joy of a contented life and they will never feel any gratitude for all of the amazing things that life can offer (large or small).

Narcissist are programmed by their ego to never be happy. No matter what they’ve got, it’s never enough.

Narcissists destroy everything that is good through their constant need for more, more, more. Their whole lives are dedicated to hunting out supply like a vampire seeking blood. They are energy drug addicts who can never get better.

Narcissists don’t have nourishing relationships or fulfilling jobs, nor do they have calm, peaceful lives. Their karma lies in their constant running from themselves and all that is good.

The reality is that once narcissists age, they begin to lose their ability to extract their much-needed supply. Their charm and good looks fade and they’re no longer able to work for power and/ or money that could previously ‘buy’ them life force energy.

If you ever want to see who a narcissist truly is underneath their mask, go and visit an elderly one in a nursing home. What you’ll find is a cruel and sullen creature, filled with disgust and self-loathing, sitting all alone because their family don’t want to have anything to do with them.

Secondly, you are actually stopping the narcissist from getting their karma by carrying it around for them.

Narcissists are masters at dumping all of their unhealed wounds onto other people, who end up carrying the burden for them. This played out in all of the moments that the narcissist projected onto you the very things that they were doing. It wasn’t just a simple blame game, it was to get you to take on all of their disowned wounds.

By carrying around all of those hurts that the narcissist loaded onto you, you stop them from meeting their karma. The moment you release all of the painful things that the narcissist has said and done is the moment all of that energy will have no choice but to go back to where it came from – the narcissist.

This is the hardest part of healing from narcissistic abuse. It feels like if we forgive the narcissist we ‘okay’ all of their behaviour. However, we forgive the narcissist so that we can release the energy from ourselves, pass it back to them, then move into a happy and healthy life of our own.

You never need to okay the narcissist’s behaviour, but you do need to extract yourself from their energy so that you can finally be free.

The spiritual roots of narcissism are energetic, which means that every time you think about the narcissist, you feed them energy and supply on a psychic level.

The best way to ensure that the narcissist can finally meet their maker and feel the weight of their karma is for others to stop bearing the burden for them. Hand the energy back to them and rise above knowing that you are now flying higher than what they could ever dream of.

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Hopefully, understanding the spiritual roots of narcissism helps in being able to see the larger picture. This helps us to stop feeding the narcissistic entity the energy it requires for survival so that we no longer enable it.

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