Spiritual Healing After Narcissistic Abuse

Spiritual Healing From Narcissistic Abuse

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Spiritual healing from narcissistic abuse is the most effective way to energetically clear yourself of the trauma and move forward into a life of freedom.

Without effective healing, you risk being bound to narcissists forever… but you are destined for so much more than that!

Ruminating over what the narcissist has done and trying to gain some type of justice will never work, because it goes so much deeper than that.

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Narcissism is a Spiritual War Between the Light & the Dark

Due to trauma in childhood, narcissists (un)consciously chose to cut off the connection with their True Self.

You see, it’s our True Self that is responsible for all of the authentic aspects of what it means to be human – empathy, kindness, compassion and love. The narcissist felt that to feel those things was a weakness they simply could not stand to endure.

Through our True Self, we have unlimited access to the divine life force of all that is. This is how we are able to have an untapped supply of unconditional love and life force energy.

When the narcissist severed the connection with their True Self, they left a big gaping black hole in its wake. They became a no-self, completely controlled by the only thing that was left – their ego.

From that point forward, the ego becomes the narcissist’s master and it is not a forgiving one. The ego is ruled by all of the lower aspects of the human experience – greed, manipulation, control and power.

However, the ego is not real. The only thing that is real is love, which makes the ego a mere figment.

The ego knows that it will cease to exist without constant validation from the outside world continuing to keep it afloat. This is why the ego is constantly whispering in the narcissist’s ear that they are worthless without a constant stream of attention and adoration, which the ego needs for its very survival.

To make this happen, the ego has created an entire False Self in order to facilitate the constant stream of attention it requires for its very survival.

By this point, without a True Self, the narcissist has no conscience and their ego master will have them doing whatever it takes to get their much-needed supply.

The narcissist is now a life force energy addict, which they can only pilfer from other human beings because they’ve cut off their own supply. Life force energy is the only thing that will relieve the feelings from the narcissist’s gaping black hole, which is filled with deep shame, self-loathing and utter despair.

The narcissist’s black hole can never be filled, only ever abated.

For the narcissist to steal the life force energy from others, they need to extract heavy emotion and attention, which is how they can energetically plugin and suck you dry.

The narcissist’s main tactic is to locate your deepest wounds and rip them open, all with a smug look on their face as you sit there bleeding out.

This is why narcissism is a fight between the light and the dark.

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Awakening After Narcissistic Abuse

Freedom from Narcissistic Abuse

As devastating as narcissistic abuse is, it provides us with an opportunity to awaken on a spiritual level. It’s no accident that so many people who are on the accession journey have also dealt with narcissism in their lives.

Narcissists so competently lead us directly to our deepest wounds that need to be healed on a soul level. They not only show us (and enhance) the trauma we’ve endured in this lifetime, but our past lives as well.

Once we are able to extract ourselves from the narcissist’s grip, we are left with a broken self. We have nowhere else to turn but to healing by this point, because how else can we put our shattered soul back together?

If spirituality isn’t your jam, then I absolutely recommend finding a good therapist who has lots of experience with narcissism.

However, the fastest and most effective modality is spiritual healing from narcissistic abuse. The reason that spiritual healing works so well is because the trauma can be shifted out of your energetic body forever. There can be many layers to sort through, depending on your past experiences, but it will always be faster than therapy.

My own experience with spiritual healing…

For me, even two years after leaving my narcissistic ex-husband, I found that C-PTSD was getting worse by the day, not better. I would do the bare minimum of daily functions, but beyond that, I was a mess.

Time does not heal all wounds.

I had resigned myself to the fact that I needed to find a good therapist and that I probably had a long journey ahead. As divine intervention would have it, I was recommended a spiritual healer, Selena Hill. I was at the end of the road and had nowhere else to turn, so I gave it a go.

After the first session with Selena, I knew I was in the right place for years’ worth of healing to finally take place. I ended up doing fortnightly sessions with Selena for 4 months, which lifted the C-PTSD and loads of the trauma I’d been acquiring for lifetimes.

Even now, I have a library of Selena’s meditations, which I use regularly when I can feel another layer coming up for me to deal with.

Healing from narcissistic abuse is a journey, not an overnight task. But the generational and soul shifts that your healing work in this lifetime will bring are invaluable. It means that you no longer have to be stuck in a holding pattern of repeating the same-old, same-old.

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Spiritual Healing From Narcissistic Abuse

If you’ve tried everything to heal from narcissistic abuse, but just cannot seem to shift things, it’s probably time to call in the big guys.

You can certainly go down the therapy pathway, which is absolutely helpful and recommended. However, therapy can be tediously slow. Another option is to enlist the work of the spiritual realm with an accomplished medium, such as Selena Hill.

Without the help of Selena, I’d still be stuck with C-PTSD and deep trauma ruling my life.

“I can fully attribute my positive healing journey to my sessions with Selena Hill and all of the cosmic guides who joined us along the way!”

– Victoria (Unmasking the Narc)

Spiritual healing facilitates the connection between you and the divine, whatever that looks like for you. As a result, true healing can take place on an energetic level (both in the conscious and unconscious realms).

All you need to do is show up and say, “Yes.” Your divine team will take care of the rest.

Selina Hill, Spiritual Medium

Spiritual Healing Session Outcomes:

✭ Removal of stuck energy
✭ Removal of old traumas & memories (both conscious & unconscious)
✭ Past Life Regression (releasing & allowing you to move forward in this life)
✭ Understanding your journey & how it’s shaped who you are
✭ Loving & non-judgemental guidance
✭ Results & shifts with every session (much quicker than therapy)
✭ Psychic mediumship
✭ Ask questions & get direct answers from your divine team


(via voice or video call – anywhere in the world)

  • Reiki/ Psychic Readings
  • Healing Sessions
  • Spiritual Mentoring/ Coaching

If you’re ready to reclaim your life, heal & thrive, I highly recommend Selena Hill, “The telephone line between heaven and Earth.”

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