Sibling Narcissist Quiz (brother or sister)

QUIZ: Is My Sibling a Narcissist? (Brother or Sister)

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Narcissism is a mental health disorder where the person believes themselves to be far superior and more entitled than everybody else on the planet. The person lives in a fantasy reality, which goes beyond mere desire but is the only reality they are psychologically able to accept.

Having a narcissistic sibling is no easy feat as a child or even moving through life as an adult. Narcissist siblings are extremely selfish and manipulative, expecting that they should be able to move all of the chess pieces around the board while you simply fall into line with their demands.

If you’re questioning whether or not your sibling is a narcissist, whether it be a brother or sister, take the Sibling Narcissist Quiz to find out.

DISCLAIMER: This Sibling Narcissist Quiz is to be used for personal awareness and educational purposes only. It is not a not a diagnosis. Please seek a professional therapist who has experience dealing with narcissism for further help and information.

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Sibling Narcissist Quiz

1. Fill out the quiz
2. Press ‘NEXT’
3. Scroll back up the page to the blue submit button
4. Press ‘SUBMIT’
5. Your score will be calculated

What Does Your Score Mean?

  • 0 – 50 = It’s UNLIKELY that your sibling is a narcissist
  • 51 – 69 = It’s POSSIBLE that your sibling is a narcissist
  • 70 – 100 = It’s LIKELY that your sibling is a narcissist

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Signs of a Narcissistic Brother or Sister

Here are some common signs that you might be dealing with a narcissistic sibling, which can be indiscriminately found in both brothers and sisters.

Common narcissistic sibling signs:

  • They seek a lot of attention
  • They’re selfish
  • They’re manipulative
  • They brag about themselves a lot (fishing for compliments and praise)
  • They need to always be the centre of attention
  • The conversations are always about them (or they’ll twist it back onto themselves)
  • They put you down
  • They blame you for things they’ve done so they get away with it
  • They can’t handle criticism (even if it’s constructive)
  • They’re controlling
  • They downplay your achievements
  • They embarrass you in front of others
  • They say things to make you look bad and themselves look better
  • They’re very focused on appearances (physically + how they’re perceived)
  • They turn people in the family against each other
  • They think they’re perfect
  • They’re competitive (& always have to win)
  • They throw tantrums when things don’t go their way
  • If they do you a favour, they’ll hold it against you forever
  • They never take responsibility for their words or actions (nothing is ever their fault)
  • They won’t do tasks that they think are beneath them
  • They think they deserve special treatment
  • They are not empathetic or remorseful
  • They always need to one-up you with stories, achievements and material items
  • They appear smug when you’re in pain (or things aren’t going well for you)
  • They are only nice to you when they want something

For a full overview of narcissism, take a look at the narcissist checklist below. Hopefully, this Sibling Narcissist Quiz has given you some insight into whether or not your brother or sister is a narcissist.

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  1. This is 100% my youngest sister. Yes, we lived in a very unhealthy, abusive household. Our father was always right he thought. My brother also has emotional issues. I was sexually abused, and our mother was physically abused as my younger sister was. I have had therapy and happily married while my younger siblings have been married/divorced several times. Tx, Francesca

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