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QUIZ: Is My Boss a Narcissist? (25 Hints…)

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Narcissistic bosses can be a nightmare to work for. And considering we spend so many of our waking hours at work, their domineering existence can make work life a misery.

Take the ‘Is My Boss a Narcissist?’ quiz to find out exactly who you’re dealing with at work. From there, you can read through and formulate some strategies to help make your work life a bit easier.

DISCLAIMER: This ‘Is My Boss a Narcissist?’ quiz is to be used for personal awareness and educational purposes only. It is not a not a diagnosis. Please seek a professional therapist who has experience dealing with narcissism for further help and information.

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‘Is My Boss a Narcissist?’ Quiz

1. Fill out the quiz
2. Press ‘NEXT’
3. Scroll back up the page to the blue submit button
4. Press ‘SUBMIT’
5. Your score will be calculated

What Does Your Score Mean?

  • 0 – 50 = It’s UNLIKELY that your boss is a narcissist
  • 51 – 69 = It’s POSSIBLE that your boss is a narcissist
  • 70 – 100 = It’s LIKELY that your boss is a narcissist

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Dealing with a Narcissistic Boss

Working for a narcissistic boss can be tricky at the best of times.

The first thing is to understand that your boss has a mental health issue, which has them believing they live in a fantasy reality whereby they are special, superior and entitled. They are not going to change and it will be to your detriment if you try to bring any evidence to them that their reality is anything but real.

Once you know what you’re dealing with it becomes easier to go with the flow of the situation, rather than trying to fight against it. That doesn’t mean that your work life has to suffer because of their mental state, but you will need to move forward with some strategies to make your life easier.

Narcissistic Boss

Keep Interactions Brief

When you need to interact with your boss, keep things short and to the point. This will eliminate the chance of them saying something that puts you on the defensive or getting caught up in unnecessary conversation.

Keep things BIFF…

  • Brief
  • Informative
  • Friendly
  • Firm

By using the BIFF method you can stay focused on the task at hand while remaining friendly enough to retain a harmonious working relationship, but nothing beyond that.

Avoid their Triggers

Once you recognise the things that are likely to set off your narcissistic boss, make a mental list to avoid stepping in those areas. This is where the method of keeping interactions to a minimum becomes extra helpful.

Common narcissistic boss triggers:

  • Anything that threatens their inflated self-image
  • Criticism
  • Being outwardly challenged
  • Being told what to do
  • Not being involved in important decision-making

Start with Flattery

I know it’s nauseating, but if you ever need to ask your boss for a favour or to do something that doesn’t directly puff up their ego, start with flattery first.


“I know how talented you are at creating useful spreadsheets, so I wondered if you’d share a bit of your expertise with this one?”

Once you feed into their self-importance they will be much more likely to go ahead with the task, believing that it will help to further enhance their superior status.

In addition, sending random compliments your narcissistic boss’s way will keep their ego afloat and allow you to stay in their good books.

Keep Documentation

Narcissistic bosses can flip the script on a dime if it will suit their agenda. Always keep documentation of your work with dates and notes, just in case you need to cover your backside at any point. This can be a notebook, emails, photos or anything else that demonstrates all of the boxes you’ve ticked along the way.

Networking On Your Own

You’re not likely to find a good mentor in your boss, so if you want to be able to further your career at some point, you will need to look beyond them. Or, you may just be looking for support and having people to talk to about your role for validation and self-improvement.

For your own self-preservation, keep your networking quiet. A narcissistic boss will take it as a personal attack because it goes against their idealised image of themselves as being the most important. They may even set out to punish you or destroy your growth opportunities as a way of validating their false reality of superiority and power.

Networking & support beyond your narcissistic boss can include:

  • Building relationships with people in other teams
  • Building relationships with other company leaders
  • Finding a mentor in the same industry who is outside of the company
  • Furthering your skills with relevant training in your own time

Come Up With a Plan

If you want to move into a different role or workplace away from the narcissistic boss, it’s time to come up with a plan to make that happen.

Maybe you need to stick with this job for a certain timeframe to build up your experience or meet certain obligations. Or, you might just need to stay there while you’re quietly searching for jobs on the side.

Whatever your plan is, use it as your motivation to keep going so that you can better your situation for yourself. This is not about the narcissist, it’s about you achieving your own goals despite them.

More than anything, if your narcissistic boss is outwardly abusive, no one needs to put up with that at work. If you feel you’ve been unfairly treated, you are well within your rights to take it further by talking to someone higher up in the company or seeking legal action (depending on the severity of the situation).

Hopefully, after taking the ‘Is My Boss a Narcissist?’ quiz you have a better idea of whether or not you truly are dealing with a narc in the workplace.

It’s time to formulate a strategy that works for your own best interests regardless of your boss’s mental state. Don’t forget to factor daily self-care into your schedule when dealing with a narcissist, otherwise, they’ll suck you dry.

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