Narcissism & Karma

Narcissists and Karma – Do they ever get it?!

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Anyone who’s been on the receiving end of narcissistic abuse is often left feeling so destroyed, that it’s completely reasonable to wonder when or if they will ever get their karma.

On the one hand, as victims of narcissistic abuse, we inadvertently take on the narcissist’s behavioural karma, accepting the consequences of their atrocious words and actions so that they don’t have to. While on the other hand, the narcissist is faced with their own karma every day, in a different way.

Let’s look at narcissists and karma, which is a huge puzzle piece on a soul level for us to be able to heal and move forward with greater acceptance.

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Narcissists and Karma


What is ‘Karma?’

Earth is a school for the soul, as we journey through experiences and lessons, each moving us up on the scale of soul growth throughout multiple lifetimes.

The best analogy I’ve ever come across that explains this is Ainslie Macleod’s 10 Soul Levels, which is information he’s channelled from his guides.

Karma is not a system of punishments and rewards for good or bad behaviour. It can be seen as a balancing of energies, with a neutral mid-point. All of our actions and intentions create vibrational energies to match those things.

Positive and high vibrational actions will be met with positive and high-vibe energies in return to match what we’ve already emitted.

The same goes for negative and low vibrational actions. The soul will be presented with another low-vibe energy in a way that will perfectly serve as a learning experience for them so that they can learn the lesson, grow and evolve.

An example of karma being rebalanced can be found in Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe book.

She shared the true story of a lady who did a past life regression and found that she was a pig farmer in a past life.

Her intentions were not negative or cruel, as it was how she had to make a living in those times. Yet, she still had the blood of thousands of pigs on her soul’s hands, which needed to be rebalanced.

It then made sense as to why, in this lifetime, she had taken up a weird hobby of making hundreds of little pottery pigs. This was her soul’s way of karmically rebalancing the energy of all of the pigs that she’d taken out in a past life.

Narcissists Get Their Karma Every Day

Lonely, Contemplating

When it comes to narcissists and karma, they are actually faced with it every, single day of their lives, just because of who they are.

When the narcissist went through the psychological split as a trauma response to their toxic childhood environment, they disowned and severed their True Self.

By amputating their True Self, they cut off the opportunity to experience the full scale of what it means to be in a human body.

  • They will never know what it feels like to truly love and be loved.
  • They can never experience the true joy of a peaceful and contented life.
  • They will never feel any gratitude for all of the amazing things that life can offer.

When they became a narcissist, they subconsciously made their ego their master. From that point forward, they are forever programmed by their ego to never be happy. No matter what they’ve got, it’s never enough.

Narcissists destroy everything that is good through their constant need for more, more, more.

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The narcissist’s entire life is dedicated to seeking narcissistic supply, like a vampire hunting blood. They are energetic drug addicts who can never be ‘fixed’ in this lifetime.

Narcissists don’t have fulfilling relationships or nourishing jobs, nor do they have calm or peaceful lives.

Their karma lies in their constant running from themselves and all that is good.

The reality is that once narcissists age, they begin to lose their ability to gain their much-needed supply. Their charm and good looks fade, and they’re no longer able to work for power and money, which could previously buy them resources (i.e. life force energy).

If you ever want to see who a narcissist truly is underneath their mask, go and visit an elderly one in a nursing home. What you’ll find is a cruel and sullen creature, filled with disgust and self-loathing, sitting all alone because their family don’t want to have anything to do with them.

You Must Stop Taking on the Narcissist’s Karma for Them

Something that most people don’t realise about narcissists and karma is that as their victims, we unintentionally stop them from getting their karma by taking it on for them. I’m talking here about behavioural karma as a consequence of their words and actions.

Narcissists are masterful at dumping all of their unhealed wounds onto other people, who end up carrying the burden for them. This played out in all of the moments that the narcissist projected onto you the very things that they were doing.

It was more than just a simple blame game, it was to get you to take on all of their disowned wounds.

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By carrying around all of the hurts that the narcissist loaded onto you, you end up bearing the responsibility and consequences of the narcissist’s actions.

In other words, the narcissist has dumped all of their karma onto you, without you even realising it. By simply enabling the narcissist’s behaviour, you stop them from having to meet their own karma.

The moment you energetically say, “No” to the narcissist and release all of the painful things that they’ve said and done, is the moment all of that energy will have no choice, but to go back to where it came from – the narcissist.

This is the hardest part of healing from narcissistic abuse. It feels like if we forgive the narcissist, we ‘okay’ all of their behaviour. However, we forgive the narcissist so that we can release the energy from ourselves, pass it back to them, and then move into a happy and healthy life of our own.

You never need to okay the narcissist’s behaviour, but you do need to extract yourself from their energy, so that you can finally be free.

Narcissism is an energetic war, meaning that every time you ruminate over the awful things they’ve done, you feed them powerful energy on a psychic level.

The best way to ensure that the narcissist can finally meet their maker and feel the weight of their karma is for others to stop bearing the burden for them. Hand the energy back to them and rise above, knowing that you are now flying higher than what they could ever dream of.

Narcissists Think They’re Above Karmic Law

Throne, Queen, God, Goddess

When the narcissist passes over, they will have their life review to go through, just like the rest of us. It’s there that their narcissism from this lifetime will fall away and they will finally see how all of the things they’ve done have affected those around them.

A part of the narcissist’s God complex is that they believe they’re above the laws of karma. In other words, they think that they can walk through life, treating others as they wish, without consequence.

However, all souls who are moving through the evolution of their Earth incarnations, are subject to the same karmic laws. This is not a system of punishment, but one where all energy must be balanced.

Regardless of what the narcissist thinks, they will need to come back and rebalance all of this lifetime’s actions in their next one, with a fresh set of lessons and characters.

You may not witness the narcissist getting the karma that you believe they deserve. However, you can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that the universe will deliver it to them at just the right time for maximum soul learning and growth.

Your job now is to heal yourself and get on with your own journey, as a completely separate entity from that of the narcissist.

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