Unmasking the Narcissist

& rising beyond their low vibrational arena.

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It’s time to choose YOURSELF!

UNDERSTAND the narcissist’s role ✦ HEAL your wounds ✦ CLAIM your freedom!

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How Does a Narcissist React to Being Blocked

Blocking the narcissist is a huge step in taking your power back! However, the narc will not like it one bit.

Here’s what to expect when you block a narcissist…

Daily self-care after narcissistic abuse is vitally important for putting all the fragmented parts of yourself back together.

Here are 15 tips for self-care after narcissism…

Self-care After Narcissistic Abuse
Why Did the Narcissist Choose Me?

Understand how you ended up being pulled in by the narcissist so that it can never happen again.

8 reasons why the narcissist ‘chose’ you…

Reader’s Thoughts

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Confidence, Trust
“You are one of the few who truly seems to understand it. So many out there act like they do, but you can tell that they have never lived with it.”
Walking Away, Boundaries
“Thank you for explaining narcissism so well. It’s so hard to wrap your head around, which is why I kept falling for it, but you’ve really helped me to understand that they can never change.”
Walking away from the narcissist
“This has given me the insight and understanding I lacked, which allowed me to leave my narcissist (as well as grieve so that I don’t go back).”
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