Low Contact with a Narcissist

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The reality is, some of us simply cannot go No Contact with the narcissist, especially when it’s an ex who you have children with. But, before you feel completely defeated, you can still go Low Contact, which I see as the No Contact equivalent in these situations.

Making the stand to go Low Contact means setting very high boundaries within yourself and keeping any contact that you need to have with the narc to a bare minimum.

It means no conversation, no loitering and definitely no being in the same space as the narc.

It’s not easy at first and the narcissist is going to hit you with some real resistance, so it’s essential to enter your new Low Contact reality firmly and resolutely.

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Low Contact with a Narcissist Ex

Getting Hoovered Back In

I’d done so well with cutting my narcissistic ex back to basic contact about the kids and nothing else. It helped that he had a new supply on the scene, so he wasn’t as fixated on me so much anymore.

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But as time went on, I can see now how my boundaries slowly reduced, a little at a time until he’d wormed his way back in.

Having kids together means we still have weekly meet-ups for them to be collected. Along with that, we had some property settlement that had to be finalised, which resulted in more occasions of needing to see or speak with each other.

During that time he managed to work his way back in by oversharing information about his own life and prying into my personal life. All in complete innocence and ‘friendliness’ of course. Little did I know that he was pulling me back into his grip.

Then came the blow up.

An issue had arisen about payment for the children and he lost his shit. Flying into a complete rage, he outright stated that he wasn’t paying it. Then the word salad began and before I knew it, I was in.

He bounced from, “why should I have to pay?” to “you chose to leave!” to “I’m broke, I can’t afford it,” to “the fathers always get screwed over!”

What started as an adult tantrum, then moved to utter victimhood. I wasn’t backing down and held firm that it was what had to be done. So, he switched tactics to ‘poor me.’ His girlfriend was too busy for him, he was in too much debt… on and on it went.

Entitled Narcissist Meme

You can probably guess how I (an empath who was well and truly primed to be kind and over-giving) reacted. With love and compassion of course. I offered to help him with a budget and anything else I could think of to help make his position easier.

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By the time he left (he kept stretching out the conversation), I thought we were in a good place of understanding. That while he may have been stressing about money, the payments had to be made.

How could I really have thought it was over? The situation went on for days. Of course, being the oversensitive narc that he is, he detected a tiny thread of ‘tone’ in my voice. It’s funny how they can pick up on the tinniest little things that trigger their narcissistic injury, yet miss huge things that they see no value in.

His aim of the gaslighting and wearing me down was to negotiate a cheaper rate, because he didn’t believe he should have to pay the full amount. Of course not, he’s completely entitled, why should he have to?

He continued to rant and rage until I eventually caved and said that I’d look at it. At which point, he immediately flipped to being calm and rational and “wanting to work this out pleasantly so that we can remain friends.” That way he could make out that it was all my fault. I was the irrational one.

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Recognising the Manipulation

Narcissistic Manipulation

The whole situation left me feeling numb and sick. I was wracked with loss of appetite and anxiety for days. That old familiar foe of guilt and confusion had been thrown back into my life.

It took me a hot minute, plus some conversations with a few good friends who are familiar with this behaviour (and had the outside perspective), before the clarity came.

His behaviour was textbook Covert Narcissism:

  • Flying into a rage when his ego was bruised and he was told what to do.
  • Getting the victim caught up in a confusing word salad.
  • Gaslighting to make the victim question themselves.
  • Throwing accusations at the victim to make them feel as though they need to defend themselves at every turn.
  • Manipulating every statement for their own selfish gain.
  • Playing the ‘nice guy’ and throwing the victim under the light of being ‘difficult, crazy and unrealistic.’


An undercover manipulation tactic used to have someone question or doubt their own reality, memory and ideas. A deep sense of confusion is often a telltale sign that someone is being gaslighted.

Gaslighting = emotional, mental & psychological abuse.

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Taking Back the Power

Taking Power Back, Narcissism

The next time I dropped the kids off to the narcissistic ex, I could literally feel his energy clawing out at me.

I was pleasant, but did not linger or make any conversation. I dropped the bags and got the hell out of there!

After driving off, I realised that I actually felt bad (maybe even guilty) for not making eye contact when I said goodbye, or for cutting it short without any chit chat.

I really had to analyse this bad feeling for not giving him the narcissistic supply that he so readily thinks he’s entitled to.

It’s simply the program. He automatically plugs his energetic cord into me and siphons away, while I stand there and give kindness and empathy, all the while, I’m allowing the depletion of my own life force.

This really was one sick and twisted game that had to end!

I recognised that as an empath, I was feeling his low vibrations and taking them on as my own. In order for me to feel better, I needed to make him feel better. So, that’s why I automatically wanted to give. Not because I felt sorry for him, but out of self-protection.

It was time for me to truly see these interactions as they were and see him as he truly was. Although his false mask may create the illusion of an innocent enough person, he’s actually an energy-sucking vampire.

Did you ever see Men in Black, the 1997 movie? I can’t help but draw a similarity between narcissists and those aliens in human bodies. On the outside, they all have human suits just like us, but if you were to unzip those meat suits, inside you’d find disgusting, alien creatures!

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Going Low Contact with the Narcissistic Ex

Low No Contact Narcissist

Although knowing full well that I was going to be hit with backlash and resistance, I was finally in a powerful enough position within myself to go 100% low contact with the narcissist ex.

I had gotten to that place once before in the past and I can tell you that life was much dandier because of it! But my crown had slipped and he’d found a loophole.

Alas, he had proven to me that he could not be trusted with conversation of any sort (unless it was essential info about the kids) because words are his weapon. There is no such thing as innocent conversation with a narcissist, everything you say and do will be used against you at some point in the future.

To enforce this new low contact reality, the changeover with the kids had to be very quick and any conversation that he tried to pull me into must be denied. My rebuttal for when he tried to push the boundaries was ready, “unless it’s about the kids, no conversation is necessary.” Then I had to close the door or get straight into the car and drive away.

Any contact should be through text messages, email or some other form of written communication. Keep it short and factual. If he threw things at me to try and get me into another word salad, I must ignore it, no matter what he says.

I was fully expecting to be hit with some of these gaslighting statements:

  • “Oh, so it’s like this now, is it?”
  • “You’re so petty!”
  • “I’m just trying to remain friends.”
  • “So, now we’re going to be one of those ex couples.”
  • “Why are being such a b****?”
  • “You’re being so difficult!”
  • “Why are you ignoring my texts? I just thought we could work together to sort this out.”

As the position of power shifts, the narcissist will lash out. They do not like it one bit. Stand strong and choose yourself.

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Making Lemonade out of Lemons


Even though the experience of being pulled back into the narc’s grip has been traumatic, I’m actually really glad that it happened.

Sometimes we forget just how bad things were and just how manipulative they are. I needed this situation to play out so that I could actually see the reality of what my entire relationship with the narcissist was like all along.

When you’re constantly being gaslit, manipulated, devalued, love bombed then discarded by someone, over and over again, it’s fair to say that your sense of reality is completely warped. How the relationship actually was, versus how I thought it was are two very different things.

Now I had the evidence and ammunition I needed to go low contact once and for all… and to stick to it at all costs!

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Tips for Going Low Contact with a Narcissist Ex

If you’re in the situation where you’re going low contact with a narcissist ex, it’s probably safe to assume that it’s because you don’t have the option of going no contact.

The whole idea is to keep any contact that must be made, to an absolute bare minimum. Stick to the facts and don’t give them any extra time or information than is necessary.

Communicate with the narc at the lowest amount necessary for what is required of the connection.

If you’ve got kids together, only communicate about the kids. Maybe you’ve still got property or business together that needs to be sorted. Keep the communication to strictly the facts about whatever needs to be organised.

Our Family Wizard is a great app for keeping all communication organised with a high conflict ex partner who you’ve got kids with. The best part is, the app can eliminate having to talk to them in person.

Prepare yourself for the fact that the narcissist will want to engage a heck of a lot more than you do. Words are their weapon and by you reducing the words, you’re disarming them.

They will want to try to get you into a conversation, so make sure that you’re busy and need to keep moving. Resist the urge to defend yourself against whatever they throw at you and remember that the nice things they say are just ‘hoovers’ to attempt to hook you back in.

If you were ever to practice complete detachment to a persons outrageous behaviour, now is that time. And practice is the word. Don’t beat yourself up if you do get caught back up in the drama (trust me, it happens to the best of us!). Just use it as an extra tool in your tool belt for next time.

Choose one mode of communication and stick with just that. Email or text messages are the best way to go, so that everything is recorded and you always have time to think about your response. When you’re talking on the phone or in person, you have to think on your feet and can often get caught up in their word salad. Avoid that as much as possible!

CONTACT – Only communicate when it’s absolutely essential.
CONVERSATION – Do not engage in idle chit-chat.
MEETINGS – If you have to attend meetings with them, arrive exactly on time and exit straight after.
BE UNAVAILABLE – Do not be available for them, make excuses if you must.
ASSISTANCE – Don’t ask them for help in any way.
CALLS – Avoid taking phone calls from them, keep it all to short messages/ texts.
GREY ROCK – Stick to single-word responses and be as uninteresting as possible.
SAY ‘NO’ – Start getting comfortable with saying ‘no.’ You don’t need to explain yourself – ‘no’ is enough.

Going low contact with a narcissistic ex in a lot of ways is harder than going no contact. You still have to face them sometimes, you have to practice constant vigilance and you have to hold those boundaries firm. It can feel like you’re constantly having to wear your armour and counter-intuit their every move.

It’s exhausting. Be extra gentle on yourself and make sure you’re taking time out every single day for self care. Take a hot bath, read a book in the sun, cuddle up on the couch with your kids and a movie. Self care is the most important thing you can do for yourself when dealing with a narcissist.

Remember, you are a person of love, strength and integrity. The narcissist embodies none of those things. You are choosing yourself.

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Focus on Your Healing

Without effective healing, you risk being bound to the narcissist forever… but you are destined for so much more than that!

If you’ve tried everything to heal from narcissistic abuse, but just cannot seem to shift things, it’s probably time to call in the big guys.

You can certainly go down the therapy pathway, which is definitely helpful, but it can also be tediously slow. Or, you can choose to enlist the work of the spiritual realm with an accomplished medium, such as Selena Hill.

Without the help of Selena, I’d still be stuck with C-PTSD and deep trauma ruling my life.

“I can fully attribute my positive healing journey to my sessions with Selena Hill and all of the cosmic guides who joined us along the way!”
– Victoria (Unmasking the Narc)

Spiritual mentorship facilitates the connection between you and the divine, whatever that looks like for you. As a result, true healing can take place on an energetic level (both in the conscious and unconscious realms).

All you need to do is show up and say, “yes.” Your divine team will take care of the rest.

✭ Removal of stuck energy
✭ Removal of old traumas & memories (both conscious & unconscious)
✭ Past Life Regression (releasing & allowing you to move forward in this life)
✭ Understanding your journey & how it’s shaped who you are
✭ Loving & non-judgemental guidance
✭ Results & shifts with every session (much quicker than therapy)
✭ Psychic mediumship
✭ Ask questions & get direct answers

(starting from just $8 AUD)
Meditations (One-time download, use over-and-over again)
Psychic Readings (voice/ video call)
Healing Sessions (voice/ video call)

If you’re ready to reclaim your life, heal & thrive, I highly recommend Selena Hill, “the telephone line between heaven and Earth.”

Use 10% OFF Code – UNMASK
at www.selenahill.com →
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