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QUIZ: Is My Dad a Narcissist? (25 Questions to Ask)

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Narcissistic fathers can be controlling, manipulative, aggressive and have extremely unreasonable expectations. Growing up in an environment with a narcissistic dad can be a tough experience.

If you’re pondering whether or not your dad is a narcissist, there’s a good chance that he might be.

Take the ‘Is My Dad a Narcissist?’ quiz to find out so that you can move forward with more clarity in your life and work towards healing yourself.

DISCLAIMER: This ‘Is My Dad a Narcissist?’ quiz is to be used for personal awareness and educational purposes only. It is not a not a diagnosis. Please seek a professional therapist who has experience dealing with narcissism for further help and information.

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‘Is My Dad a Narcissist?’ Quiz

1. Fill out the quiz
2. Press ‘NEXT’
3. Scroll back up the page to the blue submit button
4. Press ‘SUBMIT’
5. Your score will be calculated

What Does Your Score Mean?

  • 0 – 50 = It’s UNLIKELY that your father is a narcissist
  • 51 – 69 = It’s POSSIBLE that your father is a narcissist
  • 70 – 100 = It’s LIKELY that your father is a narcissist

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How to Handle a Narcissistic Dad

When your father was very young, due to some type of trauma, he was left feeling completely ashamed and worthless. But to feel those things was just too much for him, so he made the subconscious decision to cut off the part of himself that was making him feel those things.

There was an unconscious psychological split, which resulted in him choosing narcissism as a means of survival.

In order to survive and not feel those feelings of shame and unworthiness, he handed himself over to his ego, which became his master. The ego created an entirely false reality in which he now sits at the centre. From that point forward he was no longer able to accept anything into his false reality that would bring back those deeply painful feelings.

Now, to get ahead in the world he must manipulate and control everything around him to continuously reflect his own delusional reality back to him. One where he genuinely believes he is superior, special and entitled to whatever he wants as a result.

He won’t change

It’s imperative to understand that your narcissistic dad will never change. Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is a mental illness whereby the person lives in a completely false reality. They have amputated the connection with their True Self, which cannot be rectified in this lifetime.

The very nature of narcissism has your father believing that he’s flawless and amazing. So, in his reality, if he’s perfect, why would he need to change? If anyone has a problem with his behaviour, he thinks it’s because they’re defective and that they need to change, not him.

There’s no point trying to appeal to your narcissistic dad’s conscience because he severed that years ago – there is no conscience left.

Father, Narcissist, Arms crossed

Create boundaries

Right, so if your narcissistic dad isn’t going to change, what can you do about his controlling and cruel behaviour? Well, it’s time for you to step into your power and assert some boundaries for yourself.

As a child, you did need to go along with your dad’s behaviour as a matter of survival. But, now you’re a sovereign adult who is free to say what they will and won’t put up with (no matter who that person is).

Work out which of your dad’s behaviours you will no longer tolerate. Every time he presents any of those behaviours to you, it’s time to say, “No thanks, I’m not going to stick around for that any more.”

Examples of things to say when setting boundaries:

  • “If you continue to put me down, I’m going to hang up the phone.”
  • “If you raise a fist again while I’m around, I won’t be back.”
  • “I’m going to continue this discussion another time since you keep talking over top of me.”
  • “I don’t appreciate being spoken to like that, so I’ll see you another time.”

Your narcissistic father will not like you setting boundaries because you’re essentially saying, “No” to his behaviour and he thinks he should be able to say and do as he pleases.

Stand firm and continue to reiterate that you won’t tolerate those particular things anymore. This isn’t going to change your dad, but it will mean that you’re no longer being treated poorly and that if he wants you in his life, he cannot get away with it any more.

Focus on healing

All narcissists function the same way, whether they’re your parent or not. For narcissists to be able to extract supply (life force energy) from others, they either need you to admire them, or they need to trigger your wounds to get a reaction.

Both things will have the narcissist plugging into you (energetically) so that they can control, manipulate and siphon life force energy. You see, that life force energy is the one true thing that abates their empty black hole, which is all that’s left inside after amputating their True Self.

So, in short, for your narcissistic father to no longer be able to trigger you with his barbed words and actions, you need to clean up your own inner wounding. That way, he’ll have nothing to work with and you’ll be standing stronger than what he could ever be in this lifetime.

No longer is this about your narcissistic father. It’s about you healing yourself and moving forward into a happy and healthy existence for yourself.

There are two ways to go about this:

  1. Therapy – find a good therapist who understands NPD
  2. Spiritual Healing – with a credible healer who can remove the stuck energy from your energetic field forever

The trauma of narcissistic abuse happens deep on a soul level and is too much for the individual to shift on their own. If you’re interested in the energetic path, there’s more info below from my personal journey.

I hope this ‘Is My Dad a Narcissist’ quiz has been helpful in your process of understanding more about your father. Now it’s time to focus on you!

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